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Travel with Pinnacle

Looking to get away? Why not sign up with Pinnacle Travel Staffing for a 13 week assignment. We have openings across the United States for Psychiatric and Correctional nurses. Call now for immediate openings (716) 775-9452 or fill out an application at

Complete list of openings-

Arizona - RN/LPN Psych and eating disorder

Kansas - RN/LPN Psych

Massachusetts - RN/LPN Psych, eating disorder detox

Missouri - RN/LPN Psych

North Carolina - RN & LPN corrections

Pennsylvania- RN Psych

Oregon - RN/LPN eating disorder

New Jersey - RN/ LPN Corrections

New York - RN/LPN Correctional

South Carolina - RN Correctional

Vermont - RN/ LPN Psych

Virginia - RN/LPN Psych and Correctional

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